My Roles:
Fashion Design

With the sole purpose of creating the most elegant garments to celebrate femininity I've founded the fashion brand divance. In the creation of divance I sought a new challenge in combining my passions for fashion design, brand creation, web design and entrepreneurship. By planting 10 trees for each dress sold we want to give back to nature.


Young. Elegant. And a pinch of Bad Girl. Divance stands for the celebration of femininity by crafting elegant dresses and jumpsuits. By partnering with trees.org we're planting 10 trees for each item sold to give back to nature.


Divance was founded in early 2018 by my cofounder Klara Wagner and I/myself (in the picture on the left and above). I had integrated my experiences and business relations from a fashion trading company that I successfully founded the year prior to this brand.


The goal was to create a sleek and simplistic online store that reflect the elegance of the dresses. It was important to us that the main focus remained on the dresses, and that the store acts as a subtle canvas on which the pieces can shine. Through our influencer marketing campaigns 90% of our customers visited the store on their mobile phones, as a result we had highly optimized it for mobile use. I had created this store using Wordpress and WooCommerce.


The collection was designed by Klara Wagner and I, with the aim of creating the most elegant garments. After finishing the designs a long process of perfecting the samples followed. I had coordinated the production of the garments in partnership with different companies from Europe and Asia.


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