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Web Development

The Integral Map is an education website that explains the integral theory by Ken Wilber for people who are not yet familiar with it. Integral theory is an attempt to place a wide diversity of theories and thinkers into one single framework. Me and my best friend created this passion project as an immersive experience using animated illustrations as well as 3D and augmented reality features.

The Project

This project started in the coffeehouses of Vienna, when my best friend and I asked ourselves how we could best visualize the integral theory by Ken Wilber. It was our goal to merge art and technology (in the form of 3D and virtual reality) to visualise the integral theory.


The challenge with the design of the integral map was that we wanted to present the complex theory in a playful and artsy way. So instead of using static vector graphics for the design elements and explanations, we created hand drawn illustrations and animated them.


In order to display the complex integral theory with all of it's many dimensions we came up with a 3D representation of it. To make it even more immersive we decided to turn the website into a configurator, which enables the user to interact with the theory. To top it off we used AR technology so that the theory can be placed in the real world by using any kind of smartphone.


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