My Roles:

The new all electric Mercedes EQC received a new interactive website created by myself. In order to show the different features and aspects of the car I created a smooth web experience. This was a client project for a cooperation between the most prominent car magazine in Germany and Mercedes Benz.



The design challenge was to integrate elements from the hard copy magazine into an interactive website. As tempting as it was to turn the website in to a glamorous presentation of the car, the project was more about recreating the experience of reading a printed article online.


I had chosen a very simple yet elegant design. To make the whole page more dynamic I added scroll effects and other interactions to the website. In order to accommodate all the text I had received from the car magazine I decided to go for a more conservative design approach.


By using Webflow I was able to meet all the design requirements of the client. It also enabled me to break up the static design of the website with small animations and interactions.


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