My Roles:
Brand Design

Relight is a search engine for spiritual places like zen monasteries, yoga centres and meditation groups. By bringing them together all in one place we strive to create the most comprehensive map of spiritual places and knowledge. Co-Founded by me in 2021 I gave Relight its vision, website and brand identity.


The challenge with the design of relight was to craft a brand that was both warm and serious. One that embodies the true spirituality of the old traditions but in a young and elegant way. I went with the name "relight" to ___ the deep need for spirituality in all of us that only needs to be relighted by the right place and humans


I've founded relight in the spring of 2021 together with a good fried out of the need for a comprehensive map of the spiritual places around us. We keep growing the team and building a community to reach our aspiration of creating the most comprehensive map of spiritual places.


Its not easy to build a search engine that is both beautiful and functional. The challenge was to create a concept for the locations which holds all the information of the places and sill looks simplistic. I've used Webflow to build the website and a system to manage thousands of locations with ease. The center piece of the Webdesign is the distinct search bar with integrated filters for traditions, paths and different types of places.


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