My Roles:

Sonite is an audiobook publishing service that creates audiobooks from existing books. I've founded Sonite to bring authors, publishers and speaker closer together. This brand was created with simplicity, playfulness and interactivity in mind.

DESIGN & Branding

For the brand and web design I chose a playful style. To me it was important to create a style that doesn't takes itself too serious while still. The name is a combination of "sonos" and "unite". Sonos stands for the sound and unite for bringing the authors, publishers and speaker closer together.


Using bright red and playful I had created this website to represent the magical nature of audiobooks. For the illustrations I had worked together with an artist from Bali. To build the website I've used Wordpress.


Since I can remember I loved audiobooks. To learn  new things about the universe or to listen to the biographies of inspiring humans while walking through parks is one of my favourite things in live. Sonite creates audiobooks from already existing books to make them more widely available.


Let's Create Together

A brighter, digital future starts here & now. I would love to talk with you about how I can bring your brand or web presence to the next level. Let’s build your digital brand for today & tomorrow.