My Roles:
Fashion Design

Unfuck is a sustainable clothing line with the goal of establishing a fashion statement with real impact. The brand plants 100 trees for each product sold to unfuck the climate and social problems. I started with the idea and then developed the branding, store and marketing strategy.

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It was our goal to establish a fashion statement with an impact. We named the brand unfuck to emphasise that it is on our generation to unfuck societies problems in oder to have a future. So we cooperated with a sustainable and fair manufacturer in Bangladesh who empowers its employees to leave poverty.


The goal was to create a unique looking online store by using rough fonts and textures. Through our influencer marketing campaigns 90% of our customer visited the store on their mobile phones, so we've highly optimized it for mobile use. I've build the store using Wordpress and WooCommerce.


One of our main goals was to have a positive impact on the lives of people in need and the climate. To scale the impact of each piece we also partnered with trees.org, an organization who helps african farmers turn their farms into forrest gardens. By that not only tones of CO2 are captured but the economic and social situation of the farmers are improved by a magnitude of scale.


For the first collection we choose a very plain design to get started. The pieces are produced in Bangladesh under fair conditions and are made from 100% organic cotton. The second collection with far more advanced and individual pieces and artworks are already in the making.


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