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I'm Simon

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Creating Visual philosophy

As a Designer and Entrepreneur I am crafting impactful brand concepts and websites with a commitment to empower digital branding for individuals and companies. As a Visual Designer with 10+ years of experience I focus on building holistic experiences through impactful brand design that uncomplicates & beautifies the audience journey. The future is exciting and it’s here. Let’s design for it. Here is a selection of my recent work:

What i do


I create tailor-made brand identities who display your values and philosophy.

Web Design

I design engaging and functional websites which convert your visitors into customers.

Web Development

I create responsive and magical websites, with Webflow and Wordpress.



Below you will find a selection of my latest clients along with my own projects. In my creations I focus on simple and user-friendly designs. Through interactive features and handmade illustrations, visitors are welcomed in a light and playful manner, in order for a deeper connection to the values of the organizations.


Relight is a search engine for spiritual places like zen monasteries, yoga centres and meditation groups. By bringing them all together in one place we strive to create the most comprehensive map of spiritual places and knowledge. Co-Founded by myself in 2021 I gave Relight its vision, website and brand identity.

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The new all electric Mercedes EQC received a new interactive website created by myself. In order to show the different features and aspects of the car I created a smooth web experience. This was a client project for a cooperation between the most prominent car magazine in Germany and Mercedes Benz.

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With the sole purpose of creating the most elegant garments to celebrate femininity, I've founded the fashion brand divance. In the creation of divance I sought a new challenge in combining my passions for fashion design, brand creation, web design and entrepreneurship.

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Unfuck is a sustainable clothing line with the goal of establishing a fashion statement with real impact. The brand plants 100 trees for each product sold. I started with the idea and then developed the branding, store and marketing strategy.

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The Integral Map is an educational website that explains the integral theory by Ken Wilber for people who are not yet familiar with it. I've created this passion driven project as an immersive experience using animated illustrations as well as 3D and augmented reality features.

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Sonite is an audiobook publishing service that creates audiobooks from existing books. I founded Sonite to bring authors, publishers and speakers closer together. This brand was created with simplicity, playfulness and interactivity in mind.

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Simon is very clear, direct and committed to customer requests and develops great, differentiated solutions. His suggestions for the revision of my logo and website inspired and convinced me, so that I could immediately identify with the new look! The cooperation was really great, a big thank you for it!

Kristine Qualen

The excellent collaboration with Simon is not only based on his outstanding qualities as a designer and concept creator, but above all on his outstanding qualities as a person. His empathy, his feeling and his persistence are really unmatched and, in combination with his professional characteristics, make him absolutely unique. But to understand it, you have to experience it yourself. That's why I can heartily recommend Simon. Especially if you don't want a standard solution.

Jan Stiewe

Simon has been absolutely a dream to work with. Not only that his technical skills are brilliant but he is a truly great person with an "everything is possible" attitude above all. He is reliable, consistent and commited. And I can proudly say that Simon became not just an indespensable business partner but a true dear friend of mine. Personally I can't wait to see what is next in our journey.

Ty Owusu Abebrese
CEO Bruce Vain



Born and raised in Germany I grew up with a passion for human potential and design.

Obsessed with the study of human nature, I’m currently studying as a guest student at universities in San Francisco and Bonn (Germany), integrating insights from my studies in psychology, philosophy, spirituality and anthropology into creating impactful designs and organizations.

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Let's Create Together

A brighter, digital future starts here now. I would love to talk with you about how can I bring your brand or web presence to the next level. Let’s build your digital brand for today tomorrow.

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